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Steven Rousseau

Founder of Brownstone Wellness

Personal Trainer

Kemetic Yoga Instructor RYT 200hr

Holistic Nutritionist

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"Healthy and holistic living are an essential part of my philosophy when comes to training my clients, as well as teaching group classes."





Brooklyn born and raised, I am the founder of Brownstone Wellness, a Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Kemetic Yoga instructor. Growing up I was overweight, ate unhealthy, and very inactive. When I was eight years old my parents enrolled me in Martial Arts (Karate). Once I got started with Karate, not only did I learned to defend myself, but I developed a discipline in maintaining an active lifestyle. I took Karate very seriously and stayed committed to my practice, eventually becoming a first-degree Black belt.


When I got to high school I gained an interest in football my freshman year, then made varsity my sophomore year, and played all throughout high school, even won a city championship, first one in the school history. While playing football in high school, I also ran track and field as a sprinter and a shot putter. Towards the end of my high school years, I had figure out the next chapter in my life, career wise, and that's when I decided to pursue being a personal trainer.

The summer before entering college in 2006, I started my journey as a personal trainer and became Certified with ISSA (International Sports Science Association), while I worked at a local gym. In college, I continued my passion for football, but also furthered my education in fitness and the human body, by studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant at Nassau Community College.

While in college, I started to take personal training more seriously, and acquired additional certifications such as, Corrective Exercise/Post Rehab, and Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). Shortly after, I began to gain an interest in yoga and holistic living.


While progressing as personal trainer, I acquired another certificate, Certified TRX trainer, but my Interest in holistic living started to grow more and more, and I decided to become a Holistic Nutritionist through AFPA (American Fitness Professional Association), at same time becoming a vegan in 2009.


The next step in my journey as fitness professional, was pursue a certification as a yoga instructor, while I had been practicing yoga since 2006, I wasn't sure which style of yoga I wanted to specialize in, and that's when I came across Kemetic Yoga, a yoga practice out of ancient Egypt, that really intrigued me. After taking a workshop with, Master Kemetic Yoga Yiser Ra Hotep, I decided to become a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor through Yogaskills School of Kemetic Yoga. Once I received my Kemetic Yoga certification, I started implementing yoga into my training sessions.


My passion for health and wellness, continues grow, and I share this passion to my clients, looking to motivate them to feel the same way about their health, as well as their overall wellness. When I chose the name, “Brownstone Wellness", for my business, the process was based on my view on how to build a healthy body and mind, through building a solid foundation from within. The name "Brownstone" represents the body, just like a brownstone home, its strong sturdy and can withstand any conditions, but the reason why its long lasting and durable, is because of its strong foundation, this is where the name "Wellness" comes in. To be healthy, you have to be more than just strong on the outside, but strong and healthy on the inside, physiologically, psychologically, and energetically. 


Training can take place in either comfort of your own home, building gym, fitness studio, or outdoors. Training is convenient and catered to your goals.

Kemetic Yoga

Experience yoga straight out of  Kemet (Ancient Egypt), doing yoga postures based on ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, all while building better flexibility, mobility, reducing stress, and engaging in deep meditation work. Session can take place wherever is convenient for you, all you need a yoga mat and a positive energy.

Holistic Consulting

Looking to build a healthier lifestyle? Eat better? Feel better? Well with the consulting program, we look at things from a holistic perspective by implementing, meditation, holistic nutrition program, and Kemetic yoga. Sessions take place via text, email, over the phone or in person.

Group Classes /Private Group Training / Group workshops

Weekly Group classes currently take place at HealHaus, 1082 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

*Monday- 5:30 pm (Kemetic Meditation) & 6:15 (Kemetic Yoga)

*Wednesday- 11:15 am ( Kemetic Meditation)


One of the things that can help with staying consistent with your fitness program is doing with a friend or friends, and that's why I also provide private small group training sessions(2- 4 people) or larger group training sessions(5 and over ). Classes can consist of Kemetic Yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts.


A small group can take place indoors at home, fitness studios or outdoors 


Larger group classes take place in large places that accommodate 6+ people, or outdoors 


Whichever you choose, working out with friends, family, or someone is looking for the same great experience as you, is always fun!

Also if you are having an event, and would like to have us guest teach at your event, please feel contact us!

Post Rehab / Corrective Exercise / Flexibility / Recovery

Recover faster from injury, build a better posture, better mobility, better flexibility, better range of motion, our post rehab and corrective exercise programs, help injury prevention, pain relief, better body alignment. This also involves manual stretching, to help improve flexibility, and myofascial release, with the use of the Theragun, a device that helps with muscle tension release, creating better circulation.

Boxing / Kick Boxing / Martial Arts

Curious about boxing? Fan of mix martial arts or kickboxing? Well in your in luck! I'll teach you basic boxing punches to complex combos, powerful kicks, and martial art techniques, all while getting a great cardiovascular workout, and burning fat with high intensity intervals. Boxing programs take place in either at the comfort of your home, outdoors, or a fitness studio. All you need is a pair of boxing of gloves, as well as boxing wraps, which I'll help pick out, and I'll provide the rest.

TRX Workouts

TRX is a revolutionary exercise device, that allows you to execute total body functional movements all while using your own body weight. Great for building strength and cardiovascular. TRX workout can happen anywhere, at home, a park, even in your office. No worries about purchasing any equipment, i bring my own TRX device, and it can be anchored either to a door, or wrapped around a solid pole.

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Founder of Brownstone Wellness

Personal Trainer

Kemetic Yoga Instructor RYT 200hr

Holistic Nutritionist

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Tel: 718-288-4218


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